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Agitron Spark

We help you transform your business

Our software and hardware technological solutions are at the heart of new product lines and business models for supply chain companies, spanning from manufacturing and logistics to retail.

Digital IoT Scal

Precision IoT technology for accurate, cloud-synced measurements and seamless system integration.

This is not our first rodeo

We know how to turn ideas into products and bring them to market. Our journey has included successes and challenges, each providing valuable lessons and stories to share.

Nearly two decades of experience have helped us develop a focused and efficient approach to streamline our services. Meet Agitron Spark.

Let you flex your innovation muscle

To keep your competitive edge, you must constantly innovate the value you offer to your customers and how you deliver it. We specialize in using our technology and industry knowledge to provide proof of concepts, prototypes, and demos. But don't just take our word for it.

MTH GO.virtual

Comprehensive digitalization solutions for pharmacies.

How we work? From insight to innovation, we craft tailored solutions for your unique challenges


Step 1


We love nothing more than immersing ourselves in a new field of expertise. We get to know you, your challenges, and start planning for something big.


Step 2


After deeply understanding what keeps you up at night, we head to the drawing board to design the best possible solution for the problem we jointly identified.


Step 3


Whether it's a web or mobile application, an AI solution, or an IoT device, we know our stuff when it comes to coding, developing, and implementing.

Agitron Spark: turning ideas into market-ready innovations with comprehensive technological solutions

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All-in-one packages

Packages: from ideation to product launch, tailored for your needs to easily start.

1 month

What is it for:
Ideation or idea validation

  • Product Designs
  • Product Demo
  • Insights Report
3 months

What is it for:
Product prototype or early product

  • Iterated Product Designs
  • Product Prototype
  • Extended Insights Report
  • Product Roadmap
  • Branding
  • Landing site
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