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Digital Warehouse™ Ecosystem

Unlock Next-Level Efficiency with Digital Warehouse™

Seamless Inventory Tracking, AI-Powered Automation, and Dynamic Process Management for the Future of Warehousing

Mobile Accessibility

Manage operations on the go with our intuitive mobile app.

Cloud Connectivity

Stay updated with real-time inventory levels from anywhere, at any time.

Digital IoT Scal

Precision IoT technology for accurate, cloud-synced measurements and seamless system integration.

Digital Warehouse™ Ecosystem

Discover the future of inventory management and process automation. The Digital Warehouse™ solution offers you real-time inventory tracking, easy process management, and dynamic display of key data on a graphical screen. The "Pick/Place by Light" system optimizes your warehouse processes, while automatic detection of inventory status changes allows for seamless operations. The system supports automatic inventory and stock optimization using artificial intelligence (AI), ensuring more cost-effective management of your warehouse. We are ready to help you shape the future of your industry!

Advantages of Connected Smart Industrial Technology

Real-Time Monitoring

Display inventory status in real-time on the weighing module, track orders, and monitor deliveries.

Automated Inventory Management

Automate inventory assessments and optimize stock levels across the entire warehouse.

Dynamic Process Execution

Utilize a dedicated button for dynamic execution of processes, including order management, alarm controls, and generating digital delivery notes.

Graphical Data Display

Dynamically display key data on a graphical screen for enhanced visibility.

Seamless External Integration

Connect easily to external systems via QR codes using smart devices or mobile phones.

Continuous Cloud Connectivity

Ensure real-time cloud connectivity and uninterrupted data exchange.

System Integration Support

Leverage API and SDK for seamless integration into existing systems like ERP.

Long-term Autonomous Operation

Operate autonomously for several months or even years without intervention.

Optimized Weighing System

Implement the "Pick/Place by Light" system for process optimization, use as a digital scale, and monitor through a dashboard view that includes connection, data, and battery status.

Embrace the Hybrid Work Era with Digital Warehouse™ Ecosystem

The Digital Warehouse™ system is your perfect partner as you navigate the complexities of the hybrid work model. This innovative system offers unparalleled real-time access to inventory data, ensuring that both remote and on-site employees can stay connected and productive.

Industries Served by Digital Warehouse™ Ecosystem

The Digital Warehouse™ system is designed to be versatile and can be used across various industries due to its ability to streamline inventory management and optimize warehouse operations. Here are some industries where such a system could be particularly beneficial


For managing raw materials, parts, and finished goods, ensuring timely supply chain operations and reducing production delays.

Retail and E-commerce

Effective for managing large inventories, improving order fulfillment processes, and responding quickly to changing consumer demands.


Ensures stringent regulatory compliance, precise tracking of drug stocks, and effective handling of sensitive products with expiry management.


Useful for tracking parts inventory, managing distribution to production lines, and minimizing delays in the assembly process.

Logistics and Distribution

Enhances the efficiency of warehousing operations, improves loading and unloading processes, and reduces errors in order handling.

Technology and Electronics

Ideal for managing components and finished products, minimizing inventory discrepancies, and speeding up order processing.

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