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standalone hybrid digital label

Agitron Digital Label: The Entry-Level Electronic Label Solution Where Real-Time Data Is Unnecessary

Agitron Digital Label presents a comprehensive offline solution for replacing paper labels through the pick & place by light option. This method obviates the necessity for routers or cloud user accounts, ensuring a seamless and efficient labeling experience.


With the programmable LED light, it becomes effortless to integrate it into pick-and-place scenarios. You can configure distinct colors for different users, facilitating easy identification of specific products with a simple button click in the application. Eliminate time wastage on product searches and enhance operational efficiency

Bioplastic - ecological step

The ECO version has a housing made of sustainable bioplastic produced from plant-based ingredients (sugar cane). It is 100% biodegradable and without compromising quality and structural stability compared to conventional petroleum-based plastic.

Future proffed

When your scenarios become more advanced, and you stand to benefit from the utilization of the centralized Agitron Connect cloud, upgrading the system to integrate with the cloud is a seamless process. There is no requirement to replace the hardware; you will only need to add an Agitron Connect router.

When should I choose the Agitron Digital Label over the Cloud-connected Agitorn Smart Label?

Lower costs

With Agitron's Digital Label concept, you can directly communicate with devices over a smart device like a terminal, Android, or iOS phone; there is no need for additional routers, licenses, or subscriptions.

No IT integrations

Because there are no outbound connections, there is no need to interfere with the existing IT infrastructure like networking or servers. The solution is set up in minutes without additional trouble.

Ecological transition to digital

In the initial phase of digitalization, particularly in scenarios where real-time data exchange is unnecessary, the offline solution stands out as the most efficient option, both economically and in terms of swift implementation.

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