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Agitron Play Kiosk

Enhance Your Kids' Corner Appeal for Families with Our Interactive Kids Terminal

We are excited to introduce the Agitron Play Kisok, a revolutionary addition to your kids' corner amenities. Designed to captivate and engage young guests, our terminal is perfect for children over 3 years, featuring an interactive touchscreen loaded with child-friendly games.

Customize games

We also offer the option to create or customize games according to the customer’s specifications, ensuring they perfectly align with the overall image of the company or brand.

Customize the interactive touchscreen gaming display for your playroom!

For perfect alignment of your new interactive touchscreen gaming display with the playroom, architecture, and overall graphic design, we offer various levels of customization. These allow you to comprehensively adapt and adjust the display in accordance with the overall graphic identity of your brand.

Logo on the stand

Your logo can be printed on the stand *

Logo on the user interface for game selection

Your logo can be implemented on the start screen of the gaming list *

Complete graphics and design of the stand

The complete stand can be designed in your visual appearance and graphical identity, including the shape *

* There will be a setup customization cost

Game Packages for Agitron Play Kisok

Three Game Packs

When ordering, you choose one package that comes with 10 themed games installed. You can always purchase more games or receive them for free monthly through a subscription.

Optional Subscription for Games

Additionally, the subscription offers you 1 new game each month (12 games annually), which is automatically installed remotely. This ensures that your gaming corner remains up-to-date, and the little ones will always find something new to enjoy.

Customize games

We also offer the option to create or customize games according to the customers' specifications, ensuring they align perfectly with the overall image of the company or brand.

Educational Games

Educational games are designed to provide learning or knowledge through play, often incorporating elements from traditional educational subjects like mathematics, science, or history, and are aimed at improving specific skills or teaching new concepts.

Arcade Games

Arcade games are characterized by their fast-paced, action-oriented gameplay and simple mechanics, often found in public places like amusement arcades, where players can enjoy quick, challenging sessions.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games focus on solving problems and challenges, often requiring players to use logic, pattern recognition, or strategy to progress through levels, making them both entertaining and mentally stimulating.

Enhance your family-friendly image and provide an unforgettable experience for your little guests with the Agitron Play Kiosk

Our terminal is not just a play area; it's an experience. With cloud connectivity, we ensure a continuously updated and diverse game library, keeping the content fresh and exciting. Plus, we offer customization options to seamlessly blend with your hotel's branding and aesthetics.

Durable design, ideal for high-traffic areas.

Designed with durability in mind, this product is a top choice for high-traffic areas.

Vivid display with a user-friendly interface

Enjoy a vibrant display and a user-friendly interface for an engaging experience.

Subscription options for game updates and maintenance services

Subscribe for game updates and maintenance services to stay current and hassle-free.

Upgrade Your Family-Friendly Features Now with Agitron's Interactive Kids Terminal – Order Today!

Start your order now, start your playroom!

After placing your order, our support team will contact you to finalize your order. At this time, you can choose one of the three game packs that will be installed and, if needed, also order customization (at additional costs). There are also enterprise options available, such as advertising with a timeline planner and analytics when connected to the cloud.

  • Dimensions: 1435 mm x 835 mm
  • 22-inch LCD screen, IPS display with wide viewing angle
  • FHD high resolution, 16.7 million colors
  • 10-point capacitive touchscreen
  • Toughened glass panel, aluminum alloy enclosure
  • Built-in Hi-Fi speakers
  • Industrial temperature range: from -5°C to +60°C
  • Front graphics: made from recycled, non-flammable composite material and UV printed with non-toxic ink
  • Rear stand: made from metal for stability during installation and allows for the option of permanent mounting
  • Connections: power supply - 220V, network connection - RJ45

For customization requests or larger quantities, please contact our sales team or send an email to our support team at hello(at), and we will get back to you within one working day. You can also use the contact form. For all orders, we will contact you with detailed shipping information.
* Based on your shipping location, there may be additional costs for the shipment. All prices are without VAT.
** Normally, the stock version has a lead time of 2-5 working days. If customization is ordered, it may take 10-15 working days. When delays occur, we will inform you in advance.

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